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What I've learned in my first two months doing voice acting on Fiverr


Hi all! First of all let me say what an incredible community Fiverr has. Most folks are super friendly and generous with advice. I have now been on Fiverr for a little over two months with my voice acting gigs and once my last order I’ve done gets approved will finally hit that Level 1 seller rank which I have read is the big milestone hit when you’re getting started and the faster you can hit it the more success you will have. Considering you have to be a new seller for a minimum of 60 days, I’d say that’s about as fast as one can do it. I made changes to my gigs over time and was even picked by Fiverr as a Rising Talent which I am so appreciative of. With all that being said I thought I might give back to other new voice actors who come here wondering how to succeed quickly on this platform (and I am still open to all the advice in the world to continue rising up the Fiverr ranks!) So with all that being said, here is what I have learned throughout my first 60 days on Fiverr.

Number 1: Know your worth as a voice actor. I originally set up my main gig as a $10 gig and I was getting orders left and right but it soon became apparent that I was spending a lot of time working in the studio with not so much pay off. There are plenty of voice actors here who are very successful doing that and I wish them all the best, but with a pregnant wife and a full time radio gig my time is scarce and I feel like I produce an excellent product so after a few days of barely raising the price I took the leap and raised it to $100 as the minimum price after getting some excellent advice to do that right here on these forums. Obviously the multitude of orders went away but that’s alright because one order is now as profitable as ten $10 orders. My most recent order was nearly $300. So while it seems things are slowing down for you, all it takes is a two or three orders to show you it’s worth it. Now there is one caveat - you may still want to initially start low to build up 5 star reviews and some proof of your service but it shouldn’t take very long at all. So KNOW YOUR WORTH. Also on a side note, since you know your worth and are an amazing person as soon as you get an order be sure to at the very least message the client back and say thank you. That little touch means so much. Trust me.

Number 2: Get your gig in tip top shape. Explain to potential clients EXACTLY what you will or won’t do and be clear about what you are offering. Give examples in your description and be honest about your range. Also get a video up but don’t put a photoshopped Top Rated Seller badge on there if you aren’t one. Once I hit several 5 star reviews I started calling myself a 5 star rated talent because it’s true. That’s the only reviews I have. Anyways, a video is important as many times a client will click play on your gig icon in the search results as opposed to just clicking on the gig so it’s a chance at a really good first impression which leads me to my next point.

Number 3: Get a good demo. You can make it yourself to start if you have a basic idea of audio engineering but I have seen several where the music is too loud or the it doesn’t play to the voice actors strength. When evaluating what to put in your demo, think about your strengths. Maybe it’s commercials, maybe it’s explainer videos, maybe it’s a little of everything. Once you think you’ve found a strength run it by someone with an objective set of ears because we all have confirmation biases with ourselves and what we think may sound good may actually not. Once you know for sure that is your strength it’s time to start demo building. You’ll need a multitrack editor like Adobe Audition CC which I use or you can get an equally amazing one in Reaper which is $60 for a license. I have both but I am more familiar with Audition. Check out this YouTube channel for some great tutorials on using Reaper and for some super sound home studio advice as well. Booth Junkie as he is known is the man. Once you get a multitrack DAW you love, it’s time to start layering your VO with sound effects and/or music. If you need some help with this just message me and I will help as much as I can.

Number 4: Do exactly what you say you will and treat the customer like royalty (in most cases…more on that next). If you tell the customer you will get in done in 12 hours because you offer that as an extra you better get it done. While Fiverr can mark it as late technically, at least as far as I know, the customer sure will let people know in the reviews and those are the life blood of your business. Do what you say you will because here your word really is your bond.

Number 5: However every now and then you’ll come across some real hard cases that will never be satisfied. Once I raised my prices one of my former customers wanted a voice over and wanted the old price. Since he was a returning customer I cut him a deal to try and meet him in the middle and he reluctantly agreed but then it was I need this right now or when will you start until he finally said he was rewriting the script and asked if I could do both. I told him on or the other and I did the one he originally sent and I haven’t heard from him since. The lesson here is stick to your guns and don’t be a doormat. Do be nice and civil at all times but you are a business so stick to your guns.

Number 6: Finally reach out to others for advice. Most are willing to help and I always have thought if you want to be successful then do what the successful people are doing. ArticulateAsian, GregJohnsonVoic and Jonbass have all been extremely helpful to me. Just respect others time and always thank everyone.

That’s just a little of what I’ve learned in my first 60 days here on Fiverr and I’m still learning. Hoepfully if you’re a new voice talent here this will be of help to you. Good luck!


This was of tremendous help to me! A lot of what you’re talking about I have experienced myself, but your insight to the situation gives me a better understanding of how to proceed. I’m still at the point where I think I’m not sure about raising my prices. :S


DUDE! You’ve got a great voice. One thing I would say is play up your strengths. You don’t have to say you’re the best ever but you don’t have to say you’re a fledgling voice actor either. Always come from a place of strength. I would also get a commercial demo - or that is to say get a demo of some commercial spots. Definitely a showcase of your D&D voices. And I try raising your prices to say $50 if you aren’t confident in $100 but I would make getting to $100 a goal. You have talent and that talent is worth more than what you’re offering it for sir! Fiverr tends to favor higher priced gigs as well! Or so I’ve been told!


You are very kind to me. Thank you for taking the time to review my gig. I think I will take the plunge and do as you have suggested–a better demo reel and higher prices. Thank you so much for taking the time to look out for me! You are a saint. I will let you know how it goes!


Great post. I have raised my price but only slightly but your post has got me thinking. I definitely need to crack on with a really good demo . One question I have for you is regarding Broadcast rights as I have thought of putting this up a lot. At present I charge 50USD but recently had quite a high powered company order from me which made me think I should be charging a lot more as I am now the voice of their company. Very motivating and I am feeling very positive right now,ready to move forward. Any thoughts would be welcome.


Thanks for explaining the importance of the video it was helpful. I will definitely add video to all my gigs.


Awesome. Really Inspiring!


Thank you. This is great information!!!


Just taking a look at that gig I notice a couple of things.

  1. If it’s e-learning or corporate narration then it obviously must have commercial rights. I’d at least raise my price to $80 with commercial rights included.
  2. I’d drop the Full Broadcast Rights as it’ll likely never be used in a broadcast setting.

Other than that your gig looks good!


Thank you very much for your advice. I have never asked other Fiverr members anything before and can see I have been missing a trick. I really appreciate you taking time to help.
Best of luck with your future endeavours.


Hi Michael,
Had a thorough Read.
Really Helpful Message you have there.
Thank you for this.
Have a Great Day!