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What Job Classification should I use?

Hi, I’ve used Fiverr a few times for simple jobs that were easy to classify. Now I have a job that is very simple to execute (part of it at least) but I’m not sure which job category to post it under. Can anyone help guide me?

I want to archive full size photos from a site and have the photos saved in google photos, each set of photos in it’s own folder. I then want the photos to be uploaded to a FB business page (yet to be created). The next part of the process will be to upload the photos, along with text, to my website that is sorely in need of help.

Should I post the job as an entire job, or by piece?

Help for a newbie please!

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hi dear select logo jobs

Hi, you can order entire job from one seller ( If you know that seller can fully complete it) if not, order from couple of sellers, piece by piece.

Thanks for the replies. Do you think the first part (downloading and saving files) is an admin task that can be posted in Business or Programming &Tech? Just wondering about the categories, but maybe I’m overthinking it and lots of sellers do multi category jobs?

Lots of sellers do indeed do multi-category jobs, especially if they are similar.

I think this sounds like an admin task. You could either create a buyers request for it, or reach out to individual sellers and see if they can complete parts or all of the task.

Thank you guys! I just posted the job and it’s pending publication. I’ll post it here when it’s live in case anyone is interested in it.