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What just happened to "Buyer Requests"?

A few hours ago there were over 600 requests in the buyer requests page. Now there are only 30!!

Did it happened to anyone else?



You aren’t the only one. I was puzzled too. In fact, I came to the forum looking for answers.

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It’s good to know I’m not alone.

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same here, so what is it exactly

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I can’t say. I can’t explain. But here’s a trick: use the search option to force out related requests. You can do this for all services you provide. Let’s hope Fiverr doesn’t block this too. :smile:

Fiverr is all messed up. Buyer requests are not showing , messages not working.

Same here, i would like to know a answer soon,
I think something going wrong.

Yes, i received a message, but i could not reply the buyer, and only 30 requests are there. What actually happened ?

this also happen to me i am getting 2 or 3 months old buyer requests

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i am seeing here same ! i am a level two seller . but i dont know why i am seeing this 30 buyer request

Same here. I think the technical team just got better and cleaned all the garbage, duplicates and old offers request.

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