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What just happened?


I have had my gig up for 3 months now and today i decided to add a video to it and my GIG SAYS DENIED and its gone ???

I cannot find a way to contact fiverr. How do i fix this issue. I have completed over 140 orders on that gig and NOW ITS GONE . HELP ME !!!


Try clicking on Customer Support ?


There are links everywhere, in the footer of the main site, in the menu above on the forum…


not much you can do once your gig got denied, there must be something wrong with it and got denied. you can contact customer support and find out


Sometimes when gigs have been auto approved and Fiverr Editors haven’s noticed something wrong with them they are active. If there is something against the rules one day these gigs will be denied after review even after months and lots of positive feedback :slight_smile:


wow that seems really harsh! Especially after you made Fiverr $140! Damn. Do they not even bring it back or anything??

Good luck Op! I feel your pain!


I think they need to update their approval policies.