What keeps you doing Fiverr?


Hi all,

I’ve been an active seller on Fiverr for about 3 months now and I’m starting to feel like the honeymoon phase is over. I’m still getting orders frequently and I love the supplemental income but I’m starting to feel disenchanted, like Fiverr is becoming more like a chore than a fun and easy freelance side-job. I’m curious to know how other sellers have pushed through this phase and continued to focus on the positives rather than getting bogged down in the (mostly rare) negative experiences and never-ending queues.




Fiverr is just like any other job. If you don’t enjoy doing the work then you will not like the job. I recommend going on vacation mode and thinking about what you would like to do.


@amandygran: I’ve been here just 4 months so we’re on a similar time frame. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and tired with the orders constantly coming in. I still love what I’m doing (proofreading and copyediting and some writing), but it’s the constant stream of orders and messages that sends me into a panic sometimes because I’m tired and my eyes are strained.

Some things I am working on:

–setting my work hours each day and not letting myself work outside of them (hard to do but I’m trying!)

–making sure I still exercise and take good care of myself

–remembering to enjoy times with my teen-agers and husband each day

–trying not to panic and let clients wait on me a bit (rather than rushing to clear my orders queue fast!)

–tweaking my gigs and making sure I feel like I’m getting well compensated for what I’m doing (I just decreased my word count per $5 so I’m making more per gig and seem to be making just as much money even with a slight slowdown in orders)

–taking time for my own projects (especially my personal writing)

–taking at least one weekend day off most weekends (huge for me!)

I would love to know how others keep fiverr sustainable for their lives. I love being here and I think there has to be ways to keep going! I hope you can try some of these ideas and keep going too.


I focus on the positive because Fiverr has been the easiest job I’ve ever had. No drama with bosses and coworkers, no fixed schedules, no yelling, no office politics, just your order and my ideas.

If you’re feeling disenchanted, maybe you need to create some new gigs so you’re not always doing the same thing.


I’m in my second year of Computer Engineering and Fiverr has helped me with my college fees and what not.

I also lost my loving dad,my hero recently and I have a elderly mother to look after so yes Fiverr is like God sent opportunity where I was able to learn so many things and also earn some income.

I love what I do here and I never get bored.

Thank you Fiverr.

Peace and love to you all


I’ve been on for a few months but my answer is fairly easy. I’ve had a great deal of dissatisfaction at the last couple of jobs I had (5 years at one and 3 at the last one) and have had some horrible supervisors. I started working on Fiverr and freelancing offsite where I live and in other areas of the web. Sometimes Fiverr does get tedious even though I do love the work, probably because I treat it like a job and I work very hard. But - now I have the best boss ever!


Sorry to hear you’re feeling a bit fed up but I think this is a normal part of any job when the new excitement wears off. @writerlisaz’s advice is really good and I’d imagine you’re at the point now where your reputation and sales are established enough where you can afford to be a little more picky with your work.

I generally love working here on Fiverr, apart from the odd difficult buyer but I agree that one negative experience can really make you worry that everyone is essentially out to scam you. For me, remembering that 99.9 % of my customers are absolutely awesome and so straightforward to work with helps. Maybe if Fiverr is a supplementary income, now’s the time to treat yourself to something that wouldn’t have been possible without it to help you feel a bit more positive about the whole thing.


After working on Fiverr for about 3 months, I did ask myself how long am I going to continue this? It was fun yes, but some orders were really taking up a lot of my time and made me think “OK, that was not worth going through for just $4…” Having that said, that extra income was great, and every time I finished one gig and had coffee with my friends I felt less guilty since the Fiverr money was covering for my coffee! :smiley: At one point I edited my gigs and raised my price, and once I started making more by working less, the motivation really started kicking in. I also added different gigs which was completely different from the 2 gigs I started with at the very start, and variety made the whole thing more fun.

Bottom line, it’s always nice to have extra income.

And one more thing…be sure to take a break when you need one! If your customers love you and you do a good job, they will wait for you :smiley:


Reply to @writerlisaz: Thanks, @writerlisaz! Those are some really great tips. I think I could definitely benefit from setting “work hours” and taking off at least one weekend day. I feel in general that I’m compensated fairly for my work money-wise but I am seeing now that time-wise I may need to start to be more diligent so that I can create a balance.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and tips with me!


Reply to @fastcopywriter: New gigs – that’s a great idea! That would most definitely keep me from feeling like a factory, churning out just one type of thing after another. I’ll have to see if I can get creative and come up with something different that I’m still relatively good at. :slight_smile:


Reply to @academictext: I think treating myself to something special is a fantastic idea! So far I’ve been very responsible with my extra earnings, putting it in savings and against my student loans, but since it IS supplemental and clearly not temporary, I think maybe a special bottle of wine or pair of new shoes is in order. Thanks!!


Reply to @amandygran: Thank you for starting this thread, by the way. I really needed it too!


Reply to @amandygran: I’m glad you liked it. If you need ideas for gigs, message me. Regards.


Most have said it well.

Add new gigs for variety, slowly raise prices, and pause your gigs when you need a break. I have never had problems with my gigs returning to the search engines quickly. Always keep a placeholder gig open so people can still send you messages while your gigs are suspended and you can send them private quotes. This will service your repeat clients, but not attract new clients. I have found that greater than 3 day turn arounds really eliminates a lot of the difficult people that are in a hurry.


Fiverr is a great tool to show case your skills and make a good second income. If you guys are feeling over whelmed with the amount of orders coming in then increase the time count… pace yourself, you shouldnt destroy your health over anything. If you are doing a job that takes 2 days then change it to atleast 4 days so you have more time to do it and also to take more orders in.

You will be successful on fiverr once you learn time management.


Reply to @zarafal: Im sorry for your loss brother. I pray God gives you and your family the strength to coup with the loss. Amen


Reply to @safwan: Thank you very much sir.

God bless you.


Reply to @amandygran:

I agree! Keeping things fun is important. That’s certainly one way to achieve that. :slight_smile:


Reply to @safwan: Exactly! I feel like fiverr is a great lesson in personal development and time management for me. I love running my own business, and this is making me much better at it.


Reply to @landongrace: This is some really great advice! I actually have started pausing my gigs when my queue gets too long or when I start to feel overwhelmed with the balance - although keeping a placeholder gig open is a great plan. Thanks for the advice and encouragement!