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What kind job can i do as a seller with smartphone?


i’m using smartphone. How i come to seller with smartphone ? What kind job can do with mobile phone ?


Not much. Possibly nothing. It’s very difficult to create gigs, market, and deliver great services with a full setup. With a tablet it would be more difficult. With just a phone, you’d be facing a ton of problems in gig creation only, much less the other parts.


a difficult task indeed, but off the top of my head:

  • come up with unique domain names for businesses (domain research)
  • mobile app testing, quality assurance
  • if you’re an expert in a particular field, you could offer consulting or coaching, but might require a lot of writing


These two are being polite. You’re wasting everyone’s time including yourself. Get serious and at least if you only have a smartphone to work buy a damn keyboard instead of blllleeeeeeaaaaaating like a dumbass sheep.


I agree with emmaki that you can’t work on fiverr with just a smart phone. You need a computer.


I had an idea. You could be a sex worker. You could [graphic details removed] into the camera.

You’ll go pretty limp after you read the TOS, though.


No one reads those.


The real question you should ask yourself is:

Can I take a shower without water?


Who said anything about reading? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I guess he can do only a few. With a GOOD smartphone, you can:

  • write blog post
  • sell eBook (if it still work)
  • Amazon review on products or books
  • Business advise and a couple of others.


You mean “with a cheap bluetooth keyboard and a phone, you can…”

Smartphones are for consuming media, not creating content. I have a bloody Samsung Note (4, not the exploding 7) which comes with a dinky little pen. I mainly use it to watch Netflix in bed. The idea of using it to write makes me feel ill.


Most Android or iOS operating systems can’t get through the gig creation process, which was my first issue.

Amazon reviews are against the rules.


actually a 5 inch width phone can set up gig well, if you have a good phone browser like chrome( i created a gig with my phone ), you can create gigs with that, but using a pc can be more effective.

my phone has the fiverr app and i use it to deliver orders and also discuss with buyers, send buyers request.


You must be a brave soul with very good eyes. Brave because the apps change often and lack some functionality, so facing down a delivery deadline with no computer as a backup has it’s risks!

I can do a lot on my 7" Kindle screen in Chrome, but I just wouldn’t risk selling if I had only my phone or Kindle. A broken app, a feature change that fails on mobile - those paired with a bad buyer could mean a career-ending mess of late deliveries. I get what you do, I just wouldn’t recommend it to a new person. :slight_smile: