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What kind of Approach will increase my Gig quality?


Could You guys please visit my Gigs and tell me if it’s okay or not
Or what kind of approach is needed to get more people’s attention
It’s been a week since I’ve got started on Fiverr & I’m not getting that much views
What to do to get more engagement??



Do some marketing. Connect to your customers, and encourage them to hire you.


How to get connected with customers??
I’m totally new here and have very few knowledge of thing
I would be very thankful if you could tell a bit about it


I think the main thing is a Seo Optimized gig title and a attractive gig image. These things will bring you client 100% guarantee.


You research to determine who they are, what they need, how you can help them, and where they can be found. Then, you go to the places where they can be found and engage with them (without spamming!). You connect with them by finding creative and effective ways to convince them to hire you to solve their needs.


Can you check & tell me if i’m going on right direction or not

here’s my profile