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What kind of bad effect will be held in my gig if a buyer give me a negative review

when i deliver a order there’s a review box for buyer to give me a review, some of buyer instantly didn’t understand there order result,& they quickly gave a negative review on that box, but after few hours or days they understand that its okay & delivery report was right, but they didn’t anything, my question is if a buyer give me a negative review then what kind of bad effect will be held on my gig.

I don’t see any negative review in any of your gigs. I guess the buyer edited their feedback?

If a buyer gives you a bad review this will be reflected in your profile and other (potential) buyers will be able to read what they wrote, how many bad reviews you have, etc. I hope this answers your question.

Bad reviews affect the % on your gig and your profile. They also show as a number of negative reviews on each gig but mainly by first look, people will not see 100% positive rating, but 99% or even less. If you have only a few orders and half of them are negative it would probably show 50% positive rating which would make buyers not buy from you.

cristinaghy -there’s r no negative on my profile i just share my mind

Reply to @ynneblack: thanks. its a nice advice