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What kind of buyer....?

What kind of buyer called you a SCAMMER, even after refunding the money for the order he/she is not satisfied with?

You need to research about scammers.

That doesn’t answer the question, I am just curious. You requested for a review and I am not done with the review then you already open a disputed he wants a refund and I never decline, so why be insulting.
A lot happens here on Fiverr.

Theoretically I guess you could be called that by someone who is angry at you.

Or it could be the buyer is the real scammer, but calls you that to project onto you what he himself is.


I must be honest, I felt bad. thanks for the response.

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Don’t waste another minute worrying about it.

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is why I turned to Vodoo. It doesn’t always work due to Fiverr’s pesky rules about not being allowed buyer hai samples but it does help the inner anger to dissipate.

More seriously, you will get these people and a lot of them at Level 1. Think of your pre-300 review period as your professional baptism of Fiverr fire period.

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and the sellers on this forum telling the buyer to report to customer support .i have not had you guys telling this seller to report to the customer support…anyway i will not comment further

Why would we tell this seller to report to customer support?

The word SCAMMER is an offensive word…and the buyer deserved to be punished

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i urge this seller to report the buyer to the customer support…because money already refunded.
The word SCAMMER is an offensive word

What do you think they will do if you report it?

i dont care what they will do…A seller also have the right to report a buyer with an abusive language…

You can’t run to customer support for every offensive word. We are not five year olds.
We are adults selling services on a website.

:cry: he called me a…a SCAMMER!!!


ok…then.if it is like that .i think we need to stop shading other sellers on this forum .we are all mate,when ever a issue is up telling buyers to report a seller to customer support is bizzare. the only thing is to let customer support handle the situation since they already know the truth

There is no situation when a buyer calls a seller a scammer. There is nothing to report.
They can call a seller whatever they want to call them.

Buyers are allowed to say what they want to say. The seller has the option to block their messages. Surely you do not expect customer support to somehow punish a buyer for calling someone a scammer?

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ok …meaning i can register as a buyer , order one of your gigs and i call you any name i want…

even if i cancel the order…i am sure you will not mind

I would use the report button and then ignore you, or cancel the order but wouldn’t notify customer support. No one has ever called me anything aside from hun or dear or sweetie so they got blocked on my message inbox.

Support does not do anything about a seller calling a buyer a scammer or anything else as far as I know. What are they going to do, ban a buyer for name calling? I doubt it.

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A buyer can be warned to conduct his/her attitude.honestly i dont still understand your logic… and even customer support dont respond . The seller should still report…