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What Kind of Buyer's Scam is this?

I’m new to Fiverr and after posting my first gig I was happy to receive a few messages. Sadly it wasn’t about my gig at all but a different job. I have received messages like this…
"I have a project to discuss with you. Here is a little information about this project.

  • Estimated time
    About 1-hour initial, 20 minutes every month
  • Budget
    Initial $150, $100 every month"

About 5 to 6 times in the past week after making my account. Now even after talking to the first person about it, I realized it was a scam by him beeing so urgent with his offer as well as trying to get my $kype Id and telling me to. “Follow exactly what he says”. I’m more just curious about what kind of scams these are? The accounts usually get taken down a day or two after I receive the message.

This is a regular scam aimed at newbies - say “no thanks”, report and block. Then move on.


It’s hard to say what kind of scam it is. In any case, you’d get no benefit from knowing. There’s no real way to avoid these.

He probably wants your ID on that chat service so he can further explain how he wants to get something from you. There is no way to tell exactly what he is up to unless you go through with it.

Someone here said one of them wanted him to get some blank checks and write out his “payroll” checks or something like that.

Could be anything that involves you doing some work and never getting paid for it (plus the possibility of getting banned from Fiverr for accepting to contact someone outside of the platform).