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What kind of expereince do you have indemoting from level 1 to 0 ?!


Just in case i drop to level 0… what kind of experience will that be like ? everything was good but a couple of stray, clueless buyers had to drop in and i had no choice but to cancel a bunch of gigs sadly. That dropped me from 92% to 88% on order completion. and ratings from 4.8 to 4.6.

So im not sure about the next evaluation and i might go down to a level 0 seller. I dont mind climbing back up. :slight_smile:

Anyone here who faced the same situation?


I myself had dropped from level 2 to level 1.just bcaz of that very said reason


hmm… Doesn’t that make you so sad and helpless just because no one can help in these situations?


Don’t get upset, try to deliver quality work and get a rise again… wish you best of luck…


thank you buddy! :slight_smile: