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What kind of gig is this?

I am not a fiverr seller, but someone interested in paying for web design help. I want to make something sort of like a directory, but it’s for a specific niche of online businesses.

I want the site to have room for a blog, a section to allow visitors to post reviews, and basically be a hub to draw attention to small businesses that get ignored in favor of chain stores. I want users to be able to sort through the site and find businesses based on a specific need.

Is this doable? It would function like a directory in that the small businesses would pay for advertising/SEO services, but all the directory templates I find look like Yelp copycats. I don’t want a cookie cutter directory site.

Is there something like what I’m describing already in existence and I just don’t know the name? Is this too complicated a request? I want to make sure I’m not confusing the seller.

Thank you for reading!

(Moderators, I wasn’t sure where to put this, please move it wherever you see fit!)

Certainly it is.

I guess you would need to search in Website Builders & CMS and submit your specific request to some of the sellers. I would not recommend to use Buyer request feature for your project unless you want to get hundreds of irrelevant offers…

Point out you are not interested in Yelp look but something custom that you would need to explain in more detail.

Maybe find something that you like as a reference for dealing with Seller(s).


This is so helpful, thank you very much!