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What kind of info about customers do sellers see

I’m wondering when selling in fiver, what info on customers are we able to see. Am I able to see my customers billing address in my PayPal or in my fiver account. What types of info can I see or not see. I’m asking because I need to know edgy I’m getting into before I sign up. Since I’m responsible for my customers info on my main website I need to know what type of responsibilities I will have when using services such as fiver

All a seller can see is a buyer’s user name and country.


When they send me audio files how does that work. How secure is fivers systems on the backend

The only folks who can access your files are you, the seller, the buyer and CS, because they have access to everything.

Everything is anonymous - you don’t need to know anything beyond their username.


what does CS mean. so I assume all conversations and files are monitored as accessible by fiver, after a service is completed are their files deleted and removed from the system, my concern is clients work being on the system forever. if thats the case I do feel uncomfortable with this as well as other clients, as for my own website, after 30 days I secure delete my clients work, and I have a strict policy that my clients work doesn’t stay on my computer or cloud systems past 30 days.

CS = customer services.

All delivered file stay in the buyer’s order area forever so they can access their purchases for as long as they like.

Not sure why this would be the case? They’ve paid for it so its theirs to access for as long as they like.


This should answer some of your questions. :small_red_triangle_down:

If you need further assistance, contact CS for clarification.

what do you mean ? by this

thanks, I assume CS means customer service


You’re welcome! Yes CS means Customer Service, they can answer your questions, especially when in doubt. My interaction with them has always been pleasant & professional.

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You won’t see personal information about your customers.
You are not allowed to ask their personal info.
And you are not allowed to share yours.

You should read the Terms of Service.

What service do you sell ?

Some of my buyers come back to me after a few months and I am happy to have every work files and archives.

hello, thanks, I do audio mixing services. one of my main concerns is with my own website, I try not to retain info or files on customers that I don’t need to for a long period of time, since im responsible for keeping there files safe while its in my hands, on the other hand with fiver, it doesn’t seem like i have much control on that regards, I may not have to be to concerned with it when using fiver other then keeping my account login safe. I do wish there was more options for securely removing or handling of customer info, such as after a service is completed, only the end user is able to retrieve their files etc.

But nobody else can access it except the buyer.

I’m sorry - I really can’t see the problem here to be honest.

oh ok, well maybe im not understanding how it all works on the backend, I will look more into it as well as look for this info in the terms and conditions, I do my research before I join a service so maybe I should do more of that. I think someone told me that everything is monitored as I assumed that my clients work is also not private.

There’s difference between Fiverr monitoring what’s uploaded and downloaded on their system, and files being pinched. I don’t think that would happen.

I don’t know a lot about audio mixing. So, I won’t be able to help you.
Try to put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Do you think that one of them could contact you in 3 or 4 months and ask you to modify the previous job you did for him ?
If the answer is no, everything is fine.
If the answer is yes, you should offer an extra gig with an “archive service” to avoid any disappointment.

thanks! for the reply

Only you and the buyer that will purchase your services will have access to those files.

Fiverr admins or CS representatives doesn’t check every single file uploaded UNLESS the buyer complains.

would I need to have a terms and conditions on how files are handled or does fiver take care of all that from their own terms and conditions.