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What kind of license do you need?

I’ve purchased hundreds of Voiceovers on fiverr, and this is the first time I’ve encountered this.
Find Your Voiceover Actor In 3 Easy Steps
Step one , you have to tell them " What kind of license do you need?" and chose either A) $5-$30 B) $35-$95 or C) $100+ It looks like they’re pushing the license right up front, but how do I know what kind of license I need. It also says “Hover license type for more details.”, but that did absolutely nothing in Chrome. Maybe I don’t need a license at all! That doesn’t appear to be an option. What if I want a $97 license? Can’t do that either? Does anybody approve this stuff before it goes up?!?


I’m a voice over seller and one of my repeat buyers just asked me about this. I also walked through the process you mentioned above. As a seller, I was worried. It’s complicated.

As far as licenses go, rule of thumb is company use = commercial public use = broadcast

I would recommend just clicking through all of the prompts. When I got through, I was able to re-adjust the search criteria to the way it was before.

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Hey Logan, I was able to do the same. As I scrolled down the page I got to the traditional search criteria. Tha was a relief, but that “3 easy steps” is very prominent. I wish they would let us know what they were doing, so we can shift accordingly.

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Agreed. I rarely have customers complain to me about Fiverr issues. However, this they have mentioned.