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What kind of links are allowed in inbox?

1-I am a web designer. Some buyers ask for my past works. Is it ok to send links of websites designed by me through inbox?

2-Sometime I record a “LOOM” video and I send the link of “Loom .com” to the buyer for better understanding of Requirements. Is it safe to share the link of Loom?

3-Buyers send me a lot of links of their websites. Am I safe from this? Because I cannot stop them not to send me the links.


Of course it isn’t allowed.

There is absolutely no reason to make a video to “understand the requirements” anyway.

I can share the link of Youtube… Right?

Buyers send me a lot of links of their websites. Am I safe from this? Because I cannot stop them not to send me the links.

What about this?

hi brother -

  1. sorry but you cannot but you can put a link of your portfolio or related work link in your gig description - i prefer to tell them to view gig description or put related work templates in your gig images

  2. its not safe.

  3. you need to understand which link to be viewed and which not - i demand image form “it depends” because i’m a designer

stay safe amigo,

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What are you replying to? Your mileage may vary, but I often send youtube links for samples of past work that are relevant to what the client is looking for. A lot of my clients also send me their websites for reference. I don’t see anything immediately wrong with what the OP posted. Sometimes it’s necessary to get that information to see if we are a good fit for the project. In the design field it’s nearly mandatory if you are doing serious work.

Fiverr doesn’t have a good way to show video or web design work, for example. The portfolio feature allows videos, but the max upload size is ridiculously small - unusable. For websites, it’s just impossible - an image doesn’t show you how animations work, navigation, etc. There’s no other way than sending direct work links.

It’s forbidden to share any personal or contact information. There are no rules forbidding what the OP said.


Thanks mezaybei. Appreciated!

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I’m clearly replying that he can’t use Loom. Do you know what Loom is? You make a personalized video and send it to someone.

Making a personalized video to have a sales related conversation is not comparable as sharing a YouTube video at all. Not sure why you’re bringing YouTube up. It’s irrelevant to my point.

Please point to me in the TOS where it says I can’t make a video explaining a process and send it to the buyer. I can’t see what rules that breaks, as long as it doesn’t include any contact information.

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You can’t use a third party service to communicate with a buyer, which is what Loom is and why you use it.

Just because you’re sharing a link to it in the Fiverr chat doesn’t change the fact that it is a third-party service. It’s totally different to simply linking to an existing YouTube video.

Youtube is a third party service, so maybe my Youtube comment is not irrelevant? I can do a video on youtube just like I can on Loom, right?

Sending a video is not using a third party service to communicate. All the conversation still takes place in Fiverr. If there are any doubts, they can go over the conversation and watch the video to see if there’s anything shady going on.

Sending a client to WhatsApp, or discord, or any other messaging app is using third party services for communication. Sending a video showing the process is not.

Youtube is on the OK list … loom isn’t.

However, one is allowed to send links in chat - and even in descriptions - to sites one has actually worked on. Or at least, it was about 3 years ago when I asked about it.

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COMMUNICATE with a third-party service

Posting a YouTube link is not communication.

I’m not talking at all about sharing links. I’m talking about the personalized message you link to…

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This is Loom, not zoom. From what I gather, it’s used to share screen captured video. Not for messaging.

Loom, not Zoom.

Loom is a service where you make and host a personalized video for someone and then share it with that person. It is hosted, personalized video.

A youtube video can be a personalised message as well. One thing is to send someone to a service that provides 2 way communication (zoom, Skpe, discord, etc etc.).

If this is the case with Loom, then yes, it’s a problem. If it’s just to share a personalised video, you can do exactly the same with youtube. Is there voice chat? Is there direct text chat? Is there personal contact information on it? If so, not allowed. If not, what’s the problem?

Loom - which I’ve just visited to make sure - has a conversation box beneath the video. Communication outside Fiverr …


Alright. But even then, for certain types of work it’s essential. Any youtube video has a comment section where people can message you anyway.

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When did you last see sales pitches posted to YouTube? No one would do that.

YouTube is NOT for personalized video for an audience of one.

And I’m not sure why you brought up sharing links. I know you can link to things in Fiverr chat. I wasn’t at all saying you can’t. The personalized video linked is what makes it problematic, not the fact that you’re linking to a third-party.


You don’t see it because that will never be public. If I want to have an unlisted video on youtube with my pitch that I send to clients, it’s easily doable. Youtube is for hosting video. It can be used for an audience of one, easily. Any video hosting website with privacy settings can.