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What kind of orders seller receive in Data Entry Gig?

What kind of orders you guys mostly received in data entry gig?

May be it sounds funny but as we know that data entry is a broad field and is not as simple as it sounds and buyers not only demand the work that simply belongs to excel or word or not only restrict to the services we have listed in gig description. So what kind of services they want other than known services that everyone has put in their gig’s description.
And also I’m new on this platform so I want to know.
I hope you’re getting my point.

Thanks :blush:


Have you looked at what kinds of Data Entry Gigs your competitors have?

That should answer your question.

Sometimes doing a little homework requires researching on your own instead of just asking for answers.

Good luck.


I don’t mean that :tipping_hand_woman:

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Actually, you do.

By looking at what data entry gigs your competitors have (and looking at the number of reviews each of those Gigs have received) you’ll be able to figure out what kind of data entry jobs they are getting.

It couldn’t be any easier.

Try it.

You may be amazed at what you’ll learn by seeking answers on your own.

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Appreciate with you…

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See data-entry freelancers profiles. Then You will understand

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