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What kind of profile picture should be used on Fiverr

Hello Fiverr Expert,
I’m new seller on fiverr. i want to know from expert that’s What kind of profile picture should be used on Fiverr.
Please suggest me…


You should use a photo of yourself.

If that’s not possible for any reason, you can use a logo you have created yourself (from scratch, not just something taken from the internet), or a cartoon of yourself.


Thank for your reply.

first time i used a cartoon picture on fiverr then fiverr remove my picture from profile.

Which picture effective or attractive …??

A true likeness of yourself (your eyes, :nose:, mouth) should do the trick. :ok_hand:t4::slightly_smiling_face:

:x: Don’t use celebrity :framed_picture:


thank you for your reply

Here’s another tip: don’t call people you don’t know “Dear”, unless you’re certain that it’s acceptable in their culture. You could lose some customers that way.


You can use a photo of yourself.

However, I think that the quality of it matters when buyers see it.

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Your profile image should be unique and real. We recommend uploading a picture of yourself to add that personal touch to your profile. You can also upload an image that reflects the type of services you offer.

Do not use images from the web.
Do not use images that you don’t have the copyrights for.
Do not include “Fiverr” badges in your profile image.
Avoid using a lot of text in your profile image.

If you want to learn more about profile then visit link under below


thank you brother…

If using cartoon picture it still doesn’t mean you may take from the web.


In my opinion, a photo of yourself is important. Nevertheless, what it matters is your capability to work.

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Hi, linked question: is there any option to hide profile photo (or whole profile) from public (non Fiverr user) access? I don’t want my picture to be accessible for all world.


No, there isn’t. Your profile is public.

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You can use your pet, cartoon or a kid image as your profile picture if u dont want to reveal your own face.

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Thank u for the tip! I usually use the word ‘dear’ with my readers! Anyways, thank you for the tip, I would take a note of that!!