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What kind of Sellers the Buyers look for when they want their content Proofread?

I am a beginner at Fiverr and want to connect with the Buyer community on what are the qualities that the Buyers want in the Sellers when they are looking for someone to Proofread or Edit their written content?
It would be really helpful if I could get into their minds and then redesign and edit my Gig according to the usual ‘requirements’ of the Buyers.

Well, I’m both a seller and a buyer. If I’d want something proofread, I must feel that the buyer has even better English skills than me (Sadly, I notice a lot of buyers offering proofreading services here on Fiverr even have poor sentence structure – yet they still offer those kind of gigs.)

For a Proofreading gig, your gig description must be well written. It would reflect badly on your image as a seller and maybe even your ability to make a sale if you have a poorly written gig description.

Thanks for sharing your ideas theratypist. I appreciate it.

They probably want someone with perfect grammar. It looks like many proofreading gigs are offered by those who have a limited knowledge of English grammar, as theratypist said.

Thanks for sharing your views too, misscrystal. I would really like if you take a look at my gig and the gig description also and share your opinion about it with me. I would really appreciate help from someone who is a pro here at fiverr.