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What kinds of games would you like to have made?


Hey, UniqueGames is about to start working on some new, custom video games! We’re going to work on several games such as personalized tetris, picture scramble, asteroids, and a few holiday puzzle games. I was wondering, as a buyer, what kind of games would you want personalized? Our zombie game is fairly targeted, but we were hoping to expand.

Would you want your game to be for your kids, a holiday, or just for fun to show your friends you made your own game? I’m just curious of what people are interested in, and what reasons they would have to buy a custom game.



Ahh, yes. The classics are great! Frogger would be a great idea. Simple and great for customizing. Excellent suggestions cust0mcr3ationz. I think I’ll try my hand at those ideas and see what I can get. It’s interesting that you brought those up, since many people might like to have more familiar-style games. Thanks for collecting the gig also.


I used to love paperboy, donkey Kong, and frogger for the simple games


I am also created a Bike stunt game using flash. Didn’t create a gig yet.


Tower Defence games, with an RPG element (leveling up, customisation etc)

doesn’t have to be graphically powerful but wow, they get me addicted lol.

I am a big gaming buff and always wanted to design games (story, structure, plot etc) but it just never happened :frowning:

If I could afford it I would hire your team to make a game i’ve planned for ages :slight_smile:


Another vote for RPGs, in the style of Dragon Warrior or old-school Final Fantasy. Loved those games!


A bike stunt game would be exciting, and an RPG is definitely in the works already! Making it fully customizable would be the best part. I think I could focus on those after our other games! Wolfstarpicture, you should definitely get back into it, it’s hard work but definitely worth it!


I think custom games in general is pretty awesome. I collected your gig as well. I look forward to see more unique games when they become available. :slight_smile:


Thanks musiclover. I’m working diligently! :slight_smile:


Haha I know right?!!

I have eyes for mainstream (I am very good at seeing what the public will like and not like in games)

I have 2 game ideas for 2 platforms that would hit off if I had an unlimited budget.

Think about it in the smart phone games app market, only 1 game really made it big in that market. Angry Birds, and it’s not even online multiplayer.

We all know the biggest most profitable games out there are online multiplayer games. World of Warcraft has proven that time and time again. 10 million subscribers x £13 ($20) subscription a month + Expansion pack purchases ( +$40 £25) every 2 years

There is a big gap in the smartphone gaming world for a game that is simple, customisable but with a multiplayer community aspect.

Basically… what pokemon was like with trading cards, but this time with smart phones.


Hopefully my Fiverr games give me enough cash flow I could quit my job and work on games full time (McDonald’s isn’t exactly lucrative…).

@wolfstarpicture: I completely agree with you, and have been wondering why something like that hasn’t been made already! I wish I could fill that gap, but my development is extremely limited by time and money. It’ll be interesting to see what games emerge.