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What made you decide to sell on Fiverr?

Everyone has a different story to tell so was just wondering what made you decide to sell on Fiverr?

It basically being my dream come true in regard to my subjective vision of what a true marketplace “utopia” should look like.

Everything except concrete results is completely shunned into the second plan (just like it should be in the world in my opinion).

Nobody asks for papers, college degrees, your ethnicity, age, background, resume, prior experiences…

All Fiverr Community asks is:

  1. What job can you do?
  2. How good can you do it?

It’s filled with opportunity. For a real professional dedicated to delivering quality work - it’s one of the best marketplaces out there.

I love how every single bit of good performance is rewarded immediately while bad performance is sanctioned. This is how people get to thrive!

5 star feedback —> Gig ranking Boost —> More trust With New Clients —:> More Work —> More 5 feedback —> repeat again.

Cancelled order —> Drop in Search Results —> Increased Cancellation Rate.

Some would call it strict but I love it. Everyone who is able to use a Computer is given the opportunity to make it big. No discrimination, no setbacks, no hassles.

Just you, your skill, the quality of your service, and endless possibilities.

I enjoy the challenge everyday and seeing just how far can I go. I feel it gives me the endless opportunity for progress on my terms, much better opportunities than the Corporate ladder anyway…

I was tired of being in touch with people in local market and that made me look for an online platform…And here I am

I had done beta reading for fan fic writers for years and read probably 70,000-100,000 words a day or so anyway. I don’t know how I stumbled upon Fiverr but I saw that was a gig some people were doing. There’s nowhere around here to do it as an actual job, but here I can make enough money to cover a few weeks of daycare, or gas, which is super helpful.

I needed a logo.

Then i clicked around and thought I could get some $ each months by doing something I really master and adore.

Well, until now I can say it really worked out, much more than expected and steadily growing.