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hi, I have been asked a lot about logo design and if Fiverr still the best place where you can hire a freelance logo designer, the answer to that: yes, still, however clients need to be picky when choosing a designer for there brand identity :

1 - a logo is just the start of your brand and you can still improve it or upgrade it any time so please don’t spend much more money than you can afford unless you are looking for something very specific!

2- find your true brand voice: as this will facilitate your brand concept realization: design is very broad and it can be used for you or AGAINST YOU ( check ‘‘pepesi’’ logo design )

3- start with a brief description of your brand, and discuss ALL YOUR POSSIBILITIES before going in any direction - if the designer can help do so, then probably you have found the perfect matching designer for your brand identity.

4- STOP using recycled ideas, key here to be a very DISTINCTIVE and UNIQUE brand image that could help people to identify you in the crowded market of brand identities

5 -MASCOT is one unique way to illustrate your brand image, using a mascot will attract much more eyes to your brand as there are very high-quality brand recognition tools

thanks in advence!


thanks to @deisgnheros its a really helpful post