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What makes a good service on fiverr? what kind of service satifies a buyer?

I want to know service satisfaction. what kind of service should I give to buyers? is it matter of how attractive, good, excellent your work… or how fast delivering projects?

any advice…please???


People enjoy fast deliveries and good customer service. They want to be updated all the time with the work you are doing for them and mostly that you care about them.


I recommend you do work exactly as described and are fast responding. A number of my satisfied customers were happy because of the work I delivered but more happy because of my quick response time and good communication.


I think commonsense may be of use to you here. If buyers expect high-quality work, what should you give them? If buyers want quick work, how soon should you provide it?

If you know what YOUR customers are looking for, then that is what you should provide.


could you please tell me anything about “good communication” part??

  1. what kind of communication?
  2. is it through fiverr messenger or webcam?

I agree with @alexvlaston for the most part but most people don’t tend to care much about the delivery time. As long as you deliver something that’s worth the wait most buyers will be more than happy to come back to you. Other than that, just maintain good communication and you’re good to go.

Not everyone’s a superhero @jonbaas

Super Power

I suggest for you to read fiverr TOS (that you already signed by the way)
It is the first and main rule that all communication should stay on fiverr.

Fiverr made a great effort to explain everything to sellers like you: they wrote TOS, they created fiverr help page for sellers with videos, they even made a free course on fiverr learn on how to be a great seller where they explain how fiverr works.

So it’s a good idea to use all that hard work that fiverr out into that and just invest your time into reading and watching it. Otherwise you are really risking to be banned.

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So accurately defined, Ma’am :+1:

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Commonsense is not a superpower. It is common enough that anyone willing to use it can have it. After all, “common” is right there in the word = commonsense. :wink:

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There isn’t a reason to use anything other than Fiverr messenger.

Think about it this way:

If you were handing over your money and trust to someone you’ve never met or even seen before, you would want to know that what you’re ordering is going to turn well. The customer can get nervous when they don’t know what’s going on. Give them updates, respond quickly to their messages and be thorough with your responses. It goes a long way to getting good reviews, especially as one thing you’re ranked on is communication.

Regular. Just in case of a language barrier: steady, consistent, patterned, rhythmic, scheduled. Whatever time frame you set up with the client.

This doesn’t necessarily mean daily reports, as that often depends on the scope of the work and the duration of the project (maybe it’s every other day, or based on the stages of a project.), but if you DO say you give regular updates, be sure to stick to it.

I will caution, not all buyers will respond to communication, so you have to be ready to be talking into a vacuum.