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What makes a user´s account gets suspended/banned?

I mean in details. I could not find any specific information in the forum. I always try to behave well, but who knows I might slip (edit: I suppose nobody´s perfect).

NB: In order to obey the rules, one must fully understand about the rules. In order to fully understand about the rules, there should be a detailed information. If there is, kindly show me the way. Thanks.

Edit (again): In case anyone thinks I dunno anything about this, I know.

But anyway, after I thought about it more, I guess the admin/mods will judge things case by case, so ignore my thread. Thanks.

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I don’t know. What I do know is that you can upset people by mentioning on the Forum that your dog has herpes to the point that they complain to CS.

As a rule, forum bans seem to happen when one or more perpetually offended people (PO) start struggling to cope with complex sarcasm and humor (SH). This leads to posts being flagged (F) and moderation intervention by the Robocop ®. This can all be represented in the easy equation:



@cyaxrex Oh no, did someone really complain to CS about your dog Chico (edit: I meant, about you mentioning about Chico´s health problem)? Unbelievable if that´s true. I wonder who that offended person is (if there was).

She said that she did complain, and that Cy’s behavior was unacceptable.

She was mainly upset by his first post in that thread (a rant about people who waste his time), and then she somehow connected herpes to it (she didn’t understand that Cy was answering to the person who asked him if his dog was better), and, all in all, it looked as if she took Cy’s rant personally (I have no idea why).

Anyway, she said that she was leaving Fiverr (not because of Cy, she barely made any sales), so I guess that’s the end of it.

Maybe she was just having a really bad day.


@catwriter Did I miss the posts? I guess I did, eh? I mean, I don´t remember anything about the posts made by that person (who is it? now I´m curious, lol). I remember the thread, but I guess I missed some posts in it.

Don’t want to give the link - just search the forum for ‘contact dept’ - it’s in the title.


@offlinehelpers I just found it, thanks. :slight_smile:

EDIT: After reading her posts, all I can say is OMG. Poor Cy, he was just telling about his dog.


@fitrigwrites4u So, to answer your first question: be very, very careful when you post. Or someone will think… Well, who knows what they’ll think, but they might report you to CS for it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@catwriter Kk, I will remember that. LOL. :innocent:

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Basically, if you mention cold sores, warts, skin tags, pimples or any kind of skin imperfection, Eoin and Font are ready to catch you and rough you up in an alleyway.


But they won’t damage your skin, right?

Who are they? The mods or other users? I think the mods and other users are pretty nice to me. Afterall, I behave well most of the time :innocent:

(photo source: Google images).

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