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What makes Fiveer so special for you?

When I stumbled upon this site a few years ago, I actually thought it was some kind of a joke! I was expecting a bunch of tricksters out to scam people out of their hard earned cash. But it turned out to be a very positive experience for me - for both giving and receiving .To answer your question…yes, I am waiting for a few new orders at the moment so I decided to give something back to Fiveer. I actually paid off a few bills because of this site. Am I kissing butt here? Of course I am! I expect a massive response to this ‘chit chat’ so that Fiveer will make me look as good as I think I am! Feel free to express your positive experiences here on Fiveer. No negative stuff for this post please. I’ll post a negative ‘chit chat’ later.

Fiverr is amazing from the second i created an account! just the atmosphere that the forum had made me feel so comfortable and welcome, the first gig i made, i thought that it would take months for someone to order, but thankfully, just a day or two after, i got my first order, that first order is completely nerve wracking! since i started using fiverr, my life has been so much better… not just because of the nice income on the side, but the experiences as well, getting to know how it feels to have multiple clients at once, working under pressure, and sometimes having no orders for days! (which is quite relaxing now and then! :)) i don’t think i have anything negative to say about fiverr, apart from blaming myself because i didn’t join earlier. best-site-ever! :smiley: