What makes my gigs not perform?


Please help me know why gigs are not performing, despite the rising number of impressions.


There are dozens of reasons why a gig doesn’t generate sales. The biggest may just be that people aren’t as interested in the gig as you expect them to be. Keep experimenting. Keep fine-tuning your gig. You cannot control the sales choices of buyers, but you can keep improving what they see/read on your gig.

Also, and this is extremely important… be willing to market and promote your own gigs. You need to take responsibility for your own success. Fiverr isn’t going to do it for you.


Issue is currently fiverr search is not properly functional. Its not rotating new gigs. Showing same gigs again and again in Relevance filter.

You can also report this to support.


Are you the same guy as abdilahstud who posted this same question?




Thanks Jonbaas




Go to your gigs and ‘refresh’ them a little bit…
Meaning change their tags, titles, description, and see if people respond more to that :slight_smile:


Point noted. Thanks