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What makes up a good writing

can we really say what makes a good writing?

Among other things, good writing includes proper capitalization and grammar. Your post lacks both of those things.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Good understanding of plural and singular can’t hurt either!

Habit forming.

@seowriterlolly you claim you are from the United States and here is your profile:

My name is lolly Pam and writing is what i love doing most im here to help your business grow by providing you best article that will bring success to your business. i am very sure you will be very happy working with as you tap from my writing experience

Your writing tells me you are not from the U.S. Americans buy the most gigs and I can’t imagine one buying a writing gig from you due to how you write.

I’m not into writing type of gigs, although I think that if someone claims to be from english speaking country and also claims to have experience if this field, they should probably know how to write a decent stuff. The thing is, that even if someone is from english speaking country and they read few books, wrote few articles - it doesn’t make you a good writer. It requires some talent, which not everyone has. People should like to read what you write.

Reply to @misscrystal: Although, I would like to change my name to lolly Pam. I would use that exact capitalization. Then I would enjoy the look I would get from the irritable government employee in Texas when I ask for my new driver’s license.