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What makes you stand out

I have been on fiverr for about 3 years and I wouldn’t say I have particularly enjoyed the privilege of having so many orders from different clients across the globe. I would like to believe my pricing and the country I am from have a way of turning heads away. Except you have had over a thousand orders with numerous 5-star reviews, a Nigerian seller asking for 140 dollars for a minute explainer video does not just match in the minds of most people.
However, I chose to stick to my price because I believe what I deliver to clients before I joined fiverr is worth the price I charge them. Joining fiverr should not make me go below my standards. So, back to the time I joined fiverr.
I got my first client from the buyer request page, and I was surprised to see that the seller, from another african country, was willing to pay for the amount I put up. It turned out that I was creating a video for a telecommunications company. I created about 5 videos for them within a period of one year, and then they went mute after.
A year went and I didn’t hear from their representative. Then sometimes in July, someone sent me a message with a new username and it turned out to be the same person I was working with before. The company had repositioned themselves and rebranded and needed a new video, Guess who they wanted for the job? Yeah, your guess is as good as mine. I was contacted for the job, and since I knew how they want their videos to come out, I only had to revise the job once and they accepted it.
You may be wondering why I have taken out time to write all these. It is simple. Be exceptional. There is noise everywhere in the world we live in today and you may not be seen or heard. But if you choose to be consistent and your work is exceptional, believe me, someday, your light will shine so bright, your right client will come to you. While you are waiting for that premium client, develop your skills. Be better at what you do and add to the things you already know. I have taken courses on Facebook ads, WordPress, copywriting, and I make sure I read at least two books a month just to make sure I stand out. My location may be a barrier, but it won’t stop me from shining.
I hope I have been able to encourage someone out there. Keep shining as the star you are.


Great post! And, good on you for standing firm on your price.

I especially like this part. Everyone should continue to improve themselves, and reading books or taking courses is a great way to do that. In fact, I feel like too few people are reading books nowadays. That is why I continue recommending the same two marketing books to everyone who will listen. You can, usually, get much more in-depth knowledge from a book than you would from reading an online article or guide.

As for what makes me stand out - for my translation gig, it is quality. Judging by the material I get to proofread, which has been translated by other Fiverr sellers, many of them have no business selling on Fiverr.


That is great. I just finished a book on positioning. I don’t know if fiverr sellers share the books they are currently reading, but it would be nice to have that