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What marketing should i do for the gigs

I am not getting any work yet please help me guys.

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You need to have gigs active to get orders.

If you mean research into what gigs to make, only you know your skills.

Failure to plan is planning to fail.


I couldn’t put it better myself. This is THE single quote that all new sellers need to understand.


@abuusaad Study your top competitors, what are they doing right? what do they have that you don’t? how are their images? which keywords are they using in their tittle, description, and tags? How can you stand out? can you offer bonuses or stand out maybe by decreasing the delivery days and charging a little less while providing more value? if you can answer all these questions you may have the answers you’re looking for. Also promote your gigs on social media, youtube, blogs related to what you offer, this will increase your impressions and if your gigs are good and optimized you should start getting some orders, and hopefully some reviews from that, and thus ranking better. Good luck :slight_smile:


You need to have gigs active to get orders. and sharing your gig on social media

Yes, I appreciate it. Thank you

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Try to share your gig in social networks.