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What marketing strategy would benefit my Illustration gig?

How can I adjust my gig so that it attracts more views and makes more sales? It makes no sense to me how I can be so talented but my online work gets no attention and does not make me a dime. So I want to change up my strategy from the typical post and pray to a more strategic marketing tactic. I have already uploaded a video advertisement to my gig that is currently being processed. What more can I do to make more sales?

This fiverr experience is really making me angry. My work is 100% beautiful, better than a lot of my competition, and I still have 0 views and no sales. Youd think i would get some sales by making offers but fiver wont let me make offers becasue my one and only customer gave me an average rating of 73%. I need at least 90% in order to make offers, according to Fiverr’s rules. this is a freaking outrage. No one is noticing me, i cannot make money. I am stuck. It is not fair and i want Fiverr to fix it.