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What Maths related services can / should I offer on fiverr?


Salam! I am a Mathematics Expert, and wanna do some Maths related work on fiverr. I had offered online Mathematics lectures, but the gig of mine got DENIED. What do you suggest me to offer as a service to the buyes?! And what are the most demanding tasks by buyers on fiverr?! :innocent:


Just try whatever comes up in your mind and you can deliver. There is no risk involved.


I think that since you’ve already been denied with a gig related to teaching math, you will be denied again if you try again. If Fiverr gets annoyed with you trying to find ways around the denial they might block your whole account. Since they told you that you couldn’t sell that type of gig, I suggest that you find something to sell that they definitely do allow.


Teaching math online is difficult, Infact i myself i am an Aeronautical engineer and i sell my research papers online but i can’t tell you the name of site here, There is a website where you can solve advance math and get paid…

Imagine the confusion and language gaps while teaching maths, It would be a total nightmare


So, you write professional academic papers for other people to purchase, and claim as their own? That’s not unethical at all. Nope. Not unethical. … [sarcasm]


Have you ever heard of GATE? Let me make it easy for you to understand
Research papers is not something like Thermonuclear Foundation its a Concept, Experience and Pattern that comes in IES (Indian Engineering Service) and GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineers) for those who like to study in a Concept,Research papers are the extract of the books i have read for passing JEE/GATE/IES etc. I make a set of pattern and sell it and same thing happens in IAS (Indian Administrative Service)

For a sample, Its actual Question 8x=80 find x
In book it says the answer is 10

Research says:
X= 80/8
X= 10

8(10) = 80
80 = 80

In Math 1 Equation can be solved many ways some students find books difficult to understand and prefer easier way,

This is basic example of how research papers work and how I and other graduates teach others,


I understand. So what’s a smart guy like you - an engineer at that - doing on Fiverr? You should be making big money at a top MNC or something by now. Is the situation in the job market so bad? Had I done my engineering - I dropped out in the last year - I would be in the US right now. Well, never mind.


You know Indian typical thinking NO DEGREE no LIFE, I gave 2 attempts in UPSC, 1st attempt failed like hell, Second was state PCS was selected but IFoS, So i left it, I Currently work for ISRO as an associate, I have done by Post graduation as well but not in engineering in IT and Micro electronics. While i was doing my MBA i worked several places and i found double standard people and chronic insomnia for life, So i thought i’d do some research in Radiation and Gamma rays perhaps it can save some lives if successful, Fiverr is not a source of income but i need some money for my research like i work in a ISRO certified lab they take monthly 24000 rs from me just to access microscope and other research material, If i use chemicals i have to pay extra, Fiverr is the source from where i suppliment my research and some pizzas do good :smiley:


That’s great! Wonderful, keep it up…stick to ISRO, it’s a good job and a steady one. You will be secure for life.


Thanks, it’d help! :slight_smile:


Could you help schools to prepare test paper, quiz, assignments, exercise, etc… according to their syllabus?


Yes, it’d be great! I can design test / exam papers, quizzes / assignments, or exercise questions for schools / colleges according to their syllabus. I shall also provide the solutions to them. But can I get any buyers here on fiverr for that?


Then this is another question. I am sure there are schools or teachers here.
Create your gig with the right keywords, then wait, be patient.


I hate Maths, but I just want to play, please allow me:
8 - x = 5 find x
-x = 5 - 8
-x = -3
x = 3