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What Mean of fiverr evaluation?


Anyone tell me please.


I have no idea what you are asking. Can you please rephrase your request?


What is the work of Fiver evaluation?


Fiverr evaluation is where once a month (around the 15th) the Fiverr system checks your stats (completion rate, response rate, rating, earnings, etc.) and decides whether you should move up to the next level (if applicable), get demoted (if your current level is >=1) or stay on the same level.

The analytics screen will show more info on this.

Please Tell me my question

@uk1000 thanks I understand. I’m a new seller.
And If my performances are good then Fiverr will put me in the next level. Right


You can go to the Analytics screen. When your stats meet the requirements for level 1 as shown on the right side of the Analytics screen, you’ll advance to that level.


I am guessing you are referring to St.Level’s day.

Usually every month around the 15th, all the sellers go through an
evaluation period. If you have good sales/ratings, you get promoted to a
level 1 seller, level 2 seller, or a Top rated seller.
On the other hand, if you did not meet the requirements, you get demoted.

I’m sure there is a link somewhere that tells us about the evaluation thingy…

I’m too lazy to go look for it though…


You will only get promoted to the next level if you meet certain requirements. There are 8 or so requirements that you need to complete (yes, you need to complete all of them) in order to be eligible for the next level.

Once you become eligible for the next level, you will get promoted on the 15th of that month or the 15th of the next month (whichever comes next) provided you maintain all your stats until the evaluation date.

For more info on Fiverr’s level system, you can check the analytics page as suggested by @uk1000 or go to


@zeus777 thanks for guide me but what mean of demoted ? Please tell me?


Thanks for your guidenes.


Do you want to try to use “google translate” to find out what “demoted” means?


As you are a new seller you should read the terms and condition pages,levels page and others pages.Otherwise you will face problem in future .:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I have no any hard problem in future dear brother .


I hope you will not face any problem.But if you do not read those then I can sure you will face problem .Now your choice .
Best Of Luck :grinning:


I’m sorry but I’m not going to teach you English language if you can’t even open google translate and learn it for yourself.
I hope someone else will be more helpful and will explain the meaning of that word for you.

But without investing your time even in such a simple things you wouldn’t be able to become successful, no one else will do your job for you.

Good luck.