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What means Funds Pending Clearance

Hey, I am a new seller and I want to know one thing.
A man ordered me a translation service. But this guy has no rating because he is new user too.
I worked for him and earned 10$. But when I want to withdraw my money, I have a message about the transaction : “Funds Pending Clearance”.
The guy wants me to continue to work with him. I want to work again to earn money, but my question is : the funds I’ve earned (10$) are just in pending and I will receive it, or the bank of the guy don’t give the money yet? the guy proposed me big projects (50$) but I don’t want the guy ripp me off…
Thanks for your help

Hi there,
Just relax you will get the money. It is fiverr’s policy that the money will stay in the website for 12 days then it will be sent to you (where you can withdraw it).

Since you are new, read this :slight_smile:

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ok thank you man ! I just have to wait now

Once a job is submitted a buyer has 72 hours to accept or ask for revisions, if neither is done the order is marked complete, 14 days after the job is marked complete funds can be withdrawn using 1 of fiverrs accepted withdrawal methods :nerd_face: hope this helps!

Ps if you become top rated you can withdrawal funds in 7 days

Definitely 14 days not 12 :sunglasses: