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What means GIGS SAVED in Analytics section?


I am first month here (doing well for newbie) but still discovering the whole Fiverr. Can somebody please tell me what means “Gigs Saved” in Analytics section. I have 2 Gigs saved, and I am interested what that means. Thank you all!

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I too have same prob.

This is an old thread, but apparently the question was never answered. So…

It’s not a “prob.”!

“Gigs saved” means how many times one of your gigs got “collected” by someone in the last 30 days. To “collect a gig” is the same as bookmarking, or saving. We “collect” (or bookmark or save) a gig by clicking on the little heart symbol which is on every gig page. We access our collected gigs by clicking on “collections” from the drop-down menu under our nickname in upper right corner of the dashboard. Although not a guarantee of sales, it’s always nice to know that someone viewed our gig and liked it enough that they saved it, perhaps for future purchase. In the previous version of Fiverr, we could see who collected our gigs, but that probably resulted in spam complaints because of people anxious to make sales.

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Hi there, I see this is pretty old, but I’m searching for an answer about saved gigs and wonder if you know… - Is there any way we as sellers can see which particular gig has been saved? I can see that a lot of people have saved my gigs, but I’d really like to know which ones. Do you know if that’s possible? Thanks :slight_smile:

Check every gig of yours, it will show on top right screen

i also want to see that which person save my gig in favorites. Is there anyway to find the person. thanks