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What Microphone Do You Recommend Dear Seller?


Hello there great Fiverr-sellers who use high quality microphones as a part of your gig or in your video presentation of your gig!

I am about to get a high quality microphone myself so I can record some high quality sound+video presentations for my gigs and I am wondering what microphone I should get.

I have been looking at Blue Yeti but I find it a little bit expensive and it is also very sensitive as it will pick up noise easily and I do not have an isolated sound-studio to work in. I live in my apartment! :wink:

I also need my microphone to be USB-based as I have no fancy sound-card inside my computers. I think I will get a wind- and pop-filter for my final mic though. Do you have any recommendations on a mic that costs around $100-150?

Thank you very much in advance fellow Fiverrs! Long live the too-genius idea of! ^^,

Take Care & Have An Awesome Day! / Max “MaxTheMarketer” K.


You may also want to consider a lavalier mic. They’re cheeper and you can put them really close to your face to get better sound and low gain, so you won’t hear any other room sounds. The rode video mic (version one) is bigger then the video mic pro but the sound quality is very close and it’s only $150 instead of $230


I use the Blue Yeti I got it off ebay brand new for about $80 and it has 4 different settings which is great along with a gain control. It has crystal clear sound!


I recommend any good USB mic and I have a Sampson, which is owned by audio equipment retail giant, Sam Ash.


Hello there again. Thank you very much for all your replies! ^^,

I just ordered Blue Snowflake USB mic and a foam to it so I can reduce my background noise in my apartment as I do not have a sound studio and my fans inside my computer is running like crazy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Fortunately, I will be using my laptop, connecting it to my TV and have pillows around my mic to make it more “soundproof” and reduce echoes and background-noise, it will look hilarious! :smiley:

Btw, Happy New Years Eve, Everybody! :wink: