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What might be wrong?

Hi eveyone, so, i’m a writer that focuses mostly on product descriptions, when i came on to fiverr i realized i was up for tough competition in my category, so instead of creating a product description gig, i went with something else that ranked easily, writing fiverr gig descriptions, after like 2 months, i got my first order, then the second and third, then fiverr came up with their id verification issue which got my account restricted and back again, when i got the account back, i decided since I’ve got some 5 star reviews, i’ll change the gig to a product description gig, i did that, created other similar gigs too but nothing is happening, no messages anymore, no order, just nothing.
There’s this popular saying in my region 'what an old man sees sitting down, a child can’t see even on top of a tree" so i decided to post this so you guys can help me see, i think I’ve done all the necessary stuff on the gig but i might be wrong, so please can you guys help check the gig out for any stuff that needs improvement, no matter what it is, i’ll do it.
Here’s the link::

Any help please?? I’d really appreciate it

Your URL and gig title are totally different.


yes, i changed it, after getting some reviews i decided to move my gig to the main category

Your URL and gig description are supposed to be about the same thing which they are not.

Suggest you delete this gig and create a new one for the service you are offering.


Really, wouldn’t that just undermine my efforts, does the url really affect it that much??

Yes it does. Your reviews will still remain on your profile.

Will leave this with you.

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It will also be confusing to buyers and probably make SEO worse (the words in the URL don’t match the gig description/title/what a user would search for the new gig).

Also when someone changes a gig title it shows it in the buyer’s existing orders page so it will confuse the buyers who had already bought your gig (Fiverr shouldn’t really do that for existing orders - they should show the gig title as it was at the time the order was made but they don’t). eg. if you change the title from X to Y it will look like they bought the gig with title Y on their completed orders list.

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