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What more can I do to win orders?

I’ve been working hard everyday since making my account a few weeks ago, networking, sharing, searching for jobs listed on and off Fiverr, but so far only have 100 impressions on each gigs. I actually got a message during the second day from a guy interested, but he disappeared since he had several people working on the same activity already. I’ve already had my gigs examined and edited by someone who works with marketing. My price is set based on other sellers, but I am willing to go lower in the beginning (which is what I’ve tried in the buyer request section; so far only 8 jobs have shown up relevant to me and not everyday so thats nearly a deadend).

I have read Tips for New Sellers but tbh most of them are abstract. I applying what is relevant from my university entrepreneur and business planning course. Anyone have specific tips that are fiverr specific?


I know not everyone will agree with me on this, but I think your pricing is a bit steep for someone who is just starting out on Fiverr.

Maybe you could try putting your price lower for a bit, and emphasize in your thumbnail that it is a limited time offer. You can see my thumbnail as an example. I know it is not pretty, but it gets the point across and attracts buyers.

A good thumbnail can be very powerful as a marketing tool as it can be used to establish your market positioning, your offering, and your pricing. Add some text to your video, maybe just a still image at the end to use it as a video thumbnail.

Also, your profile description is very repetitive. You mention your certification twice, for example.

Perhaps your synth gig could also use more selling language. Think about how you can communicate the benefits your customers will gain from purchasing your service.


Thanks for the advice. I put the price based on the amount of hours it takes to do the job, but I will considering lowering and marketing it as a limited time offer, as I know everyone needs to accept a loss in the beginning of a business no matter their experience.
I will also check my profile again, can’t believe I missed that mistake.

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thanks for the advice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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