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What more should I do besides Fiverr for more revenue?

I’ve been doing freelancing on Fiverr from the past few months. I’m getting good response from here but I want to make a permanent income source for me and to earn more revenue.
Getting work on Fiverr is sometimes tough. It is not necessary that we keep getting customers continuously, so I’m thinking to build a permanent income source for me besides freelancing. But, I want to build that for online and for local.

:bulb: The rule of thumb is to have several :national_park: streams of :money_with_wings: income. Don’t depend on just one, when one goes dry. You’ll have others to keep your :ship: afloat. We can’t answer this for you… Ask yourself these questions, what are you good at? What can you bring to the table?

Create a vision board. I do this all the time and it helps me stay on track.


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Thanks. I’ll think about it.
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