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What most a person do to build their sales on all gigs?

I have been on fiverr for two months now, but only one of my gigs are been ordered by persons. What can I do about the other gigs. Please help me.

Just play around with the tags and the description. Look at other gigs in the same category, which tags did they use? Use the most common ones!

Also, make sure you upload a video, it really helps!

And last but not least, make sure the ‘gig photo’ looks nice, you want people to click on your gig, right?

Thank you very much for these info, I placed a video on my gig and now work is killing me, you really get a 220% more work, when you get a video. I can say amen to that.

Why do you have a “do” in

"I will do transcribe 30 minutes of audio and videos for $5 "

Is that Jamaican-speak?

No it’s a mistake, I will correct it thanks for pointing it out.