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What motivates you to hit the GYM


Hi guys ,
Can I know your motivation to hit the gym regularly, I can’t continue for more than 2 months.


It can be tough, but after many years of struggling to do it consistently, I’ve managed to develop the routine of exercising first thing in the morning. I have some home workout equipment (nothing major, just some dumbells, resistance bands, pullup bar, etc.), so I don’t have to drive to a gym to work out.

I definitely feel much better about the day after exercising first thing in the morning. And you develop momentum the longer you keep at it.

After a good workout, I’m (mostly) ready for whatever buyers might throw at me that day. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I have to start working out too.


People looking at my skinny silhouette makes me wanna have a gun show.


all the best…


I’ve been going to the gym for nearly 10 years now.
I hate it BTW. So what motivates me then?? It’s quite simple.
I love food.
I hate working out.
But I hate gaining weight more.
This creates this perfectly balanced love-hate triangle!


Look at yourself naked in the mirror every day and logically determine whether you would like to sleep with you. If you wouldn’t, it’s time to hit the treadmill.


I started working out from today :slight_smile: