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What music can I use in my Fiverr gigs?

Hi everyone,

I am new to fiverr and was curious about the rules and regulations regarding what music you can use when making videos for clients. I have seen many clients wanting to use popular/mainstream music. Most of the time the clients will not be making money off of the video I am producing for them so I have a few questions:

  1. Do I own/have the rights to using this music?
  2. If you do or can use popular music how do I correctly give credit to the artist?
  3. If I can’t use this type of music do you have suggestions on where I can get and use music that I own the rights to? Is there any free music that I can use?

Thanks for your input,

Yes, you must own rights to use someone else’s music. Giving credit is not suitable under the law where commercial use is concerned.

You will have to own usage rights to any music you choose to sell within a project.

Your clients might not be making any money off of the video, but you most certainly are. To get licensing rights to popular music, start by checking here:

It’s not a cheap endeavor. There are, however, plenty of sites that sell, or make available for free, music for commercial use. You need to be very careful to check that the website allows you to use their music specifically for commercial use and whether attribution is required.

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There are music sites with hundreds of all types of music where you can pay a few dollars to have the right to use the music as you want. And iTunes has some free songs anyone can use.

You have all the resources in the world at your fingertips so use google to find free music.

Thank you for getting back to me. This is what I figured. Do you have any sites that you would recommend where I can search into free commercial use music?

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@cferraco10 Go to google and type in the search bar “free commercial music” or “royalty free music”.

Why not use the internet for a search?

Yeah, like misscrystal said, you’ll need to do that aspect of the searching yourself via Google. There are dozens of sites, but it is at your own risk, as some sites claim to have ownership over music they don’t own. I can’t take the liability to recommend a site for you directly, sorry.