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What must be included in .pdf?


I am confused or I don’t know what will I show while making a .pdf. Please advice me :slight_smile:


While making a PDF, show a picture of cats, people love cats.

Joking. I have no idea what is your question about and what it is related to!
I see hundreds of weird posts on this forum, yours takes the cake! :cake:


I am not joking while making gigs and in gallery option, there is option of uploading .pdf so I want to know while making .pdf, what matter or subjects should be included there. :slight_smile:
Nothing more then this :slight_smile:


I know you were not joking, I was; because the question was unclear at all.


Alright so sir can you please grand me your precious advice :slight_smile:


hhhhh you really seems a bit funny like me :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


"We only recommend adding a PDF file if it further clarifies the service you will be providing."

It is about the gig, description and clarifications. It is optional, you don’t have to do it.


ohk thank you :slight_smile: so much


Depends on what service you offer. I offer writing service so I have uploaded my sample works. It is not necessary to upload a pdf. For example, if you are providing any design related service, enhance your gig photos and make them attractive instead of wasting your time in a pdf file. If you really want to upload a pdf, I think an extended description of your gig with the perks you offer along with what you need from the buyer before actually starting on a project, would be a great idea.


pdf file can contain YOUR PORTFOLIO or SET OF IMAGES OR DOCUMENTS which can represent your expertise in more depth.