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What new in gig ranking aftervlockdown?

Hello, every One !
i hope you all are doing ell. i need little help OR suggestion from you. i am level 2 seller on fiverr but unfortunately that account disable. is any way to enable that account?
And 2nd thing i create new account but on that account my gig not rank and i did not get orders from last 2 months. i thing fiverr change their strategy to rank the gigs etc. anyone guide me hoe i rank my gigs on fiverr. thanks in advance

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If your Level 2 account is disabled, then you are not a Level 2 seller.
Why was that account disabled? Were you banned or did you disable it?
Creating a 2nd account is against the TOS and could get that account banned as well.


Not at all actually. Fiverr has gone with bug but now from the last day all the bugs has been fixed.