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What New Sellers Need To Know

Hey guys, i hope everyone is doing great, today i just took a little time off to write some thing here. well, this note goes to most of the New sellers who join fiverr. you might have heard is a great place that lost of people are making money from. even though fiverr is a money machine, it isnt just as it appears literally,
You cant apply for a job when you are not trained to handle the job, let me explain a little, a trained teacher cannot just get up and apply to the hospital to be a Doctor without upgrading his or her skill.
Before you join, there is the need for you to know what you are gonna do. you need to equip yourself with a skill, at least everyone has a talent. a week or two just to learn something is great.Master your way around it so that you dont appear amatuerise when you are delivering your service
Again, i like to suggest this to New sellers, that when you are creating an account, do not create an account that is niche driven, for instance, videoexpert, articlepro, this is an account that is Niche centred unless you really want to stay there forever. Sometimes this communicates alot to the buyer and you need to let your username probably correspond with your service. these are just my personal thoughts, To me, i think you have to create a universal niche driven account that you can switch niches as you trend on fiverr. This is because, as you join fiverr, and then you make your first few dollars, then you are motivated to go into the Hottest niches.
Again, your first appraoch is not to make excessive money, what i mean to say, you cant be running at the same pricing as the top ranking sellers, why? because you are just starting and you need to create your reputation before the money follows, sometimes you can even offer to do the job for the seller before the order, this way, some of the sellers even tip you massively since their money was safe with them before the job got completed, there are few bad nuts anyway
This is my first time sharing info here and i hope it is not useless
Thank you everyone

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Nice Sharing (y)

Valuable information!
I learnt something new - don’t create a username that is niche centered.

thank you, i am so happy the little i shared is useful

Thank you

Ok, good to know.
But me I created a username that is niche centured because I’m an expert in my niche and that is the only service I can offer.


thank you so much for the sharing

Good tips, thanks for sharing

Hi guruservise, your suggestion are great. But sometime some people have a lot of skills but they are not aware about their skills. Everyone should try Fiverr. Actually When i use fiverr first time i was not sure about logo designs. I was a Professional Designer. but i was not aware about the Logo. when i make my gig. and i did some work. I was surprised from work and skills. and now fiverr is my full time job and i’m only providing logo designing services in Fiverr.

I’m not saying to wrong. I’m just giving my own suggestions.

Thank you for sharing your great knowledge.

Good people great thinking thanks for sharing your knowledge :slight_smile:

Alot has been said and point has been made as well. Learnt new things. Thanks for this article

wow. awesome

It’s better to work around your abilities. If you’re not comfortable speaking on camera, don’t do video gigs. If you struggle writing, don’t do writing gigs. Everyone doesn’t have to do everything. For example, I’m not good planning road trips, so i had to refund a client that wanted that. I adjusted my gig description to signal what I don’t do.

I suppose I could learn to plan road trips, but why bother? I rather do what I like doing, and let someone else do that instead.

Great advice :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking time to write this up :slight_smile:

Nice post. I think everyone has something to offer all it takes is interest, dedication, and commitment. I came on Fiverr less than 4 months ago offerin
Writing service. Growing up, all I knew how to do is play football and make people laugh, lol, but after my school I had to find something legal for myself that will earn me money; and here I am. Writing has been part of me but I didn’t realise it and thanks to Fiverr. Right now I am mastering the art of Search Engine Optimazation, I guess that’s why I chose the username writerseogig24 because I intend to focus on this niche. Diversification is good for business, I just feel it is better to diversify to something relating to writing. Thanks again for this post, I believe our Jack of all trade on fiverr will benefit from this.