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What next after completing first order?


Hi, 5 days ago I had completed my first order and I was thinking that now I will get some more orders but nothing happened what I thought. Does due to Indian in my username I am not getting orders or something else? Please give me some suggestions what can I do to get orders.


If you want more orders, you are going to have to reach out to your target customers, and convince them to hire you. Show them how you can solve their problems with your skills, and then work hard to prove it to those who choose to hire you.


I understand what you have said and I am doing that only.:grinning:
Maybe Indian in my name is appearing as a wall which stops a customer from placing order. Am I wrong or right? Please tell me.


I think it should not matter where u belong from…your services should be your identity.
But in some situations it really impacts the decision of buyer and depends on buyer mood and thinking… Never feel sorry for that… Because professional don’t bother what your fiverr id is… They just need quick response and professional attitude toward job assignments. You just focus on what you are selling and how… The buyers will come and you will get your job…


You are right. Thanks for motivating me.:slightly_smiling_face:


Check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.


It is very useful. Thanks.:grinning: