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What no customer care?!?!

Led to the Fiverr site by 1Channel. Never heard of it before and seemed a good idea.

Tried to buy eight different products after signing up and activating the account.

Each failed by freezing as soon as I clicked on Order. Just went to blank page called

Clicked on URL and indicated a different URL but only took me back to browser list.

OK, so there is a bug. It happens.

But then to find there is no Customer Contact page.

That is pathetic!

Pity - liked the idea. Maybe someone competent will take it up.


You can also find it on the Fiverr home page. It’s at the bottom under “General”, the sixth link down (“Fiverr Customer Support”).

How about give your customer care here where it seems to work. answer the question so that others may know an answer. I also get nothing but blanks when trying to purchase. I have no hope of getting through to customer service and why is it only offered on “home page”? Why not EVERY PAGE?

Reply to @roberttaylor272: Well, dear, you reactivated a 17-month-old thread. The original poster may not even still be here. Members of the forum are members of Fiverr, just like you. This is not a substitute for support; we’re not techs or administrators or editors. Members with some experience on the site will often try to help those having problems, but, again, this is not customer support.

There is a link to “Customer Support” on every page of the Fiverr site (this is the Forum). And because people ask many of the same questions, you will find a FAQ page to see if your question has already been addressed. If not, then in the upper right corner is a link to file a report so you can send your specific problem to support.

Now, concerning your specific issue: have you tried to access the site with a different browser? The kind of bug you’re reporting sounds like perhaps a compatibility issue. If you are able, why not try that first. Perhaps you just need to update the browser you have, or something like that.