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What % of gigs actually get sales

I’d be curious to see data that shows what % of gigs actually get orders.

There are so many people posting gigs and the barrier to entry is so low, that I can’t imagine it’s over 3-4%

That’s a good question sir.

May be Customer Support could help you get the statistics although I doubt they will reveal any of such information.

I don’t think the results would yield anything useful it was just what percentage of all gigs had sales. A gig that gets 2-3 orders a year is still getting sales, but other gigs get thousands of orders. Comparing a high competition gig like logo design to a gig with lower competition but requiring precise skills like app development would be a poor comparison. Then you’ve got some of the crazy gigs like someone feeding your logo to a goat or the toothless guy with tinfoil in his hair being your secret admirer. One guy can sell fake facebook likes and make a mint after enough reviews while another is a truly skilled artist but can’t write a good gig description and makes nothing.

The bottom line is that for each person it’s a unique blend of factors that really makes the difference. Persistence and willingness to keep tweaking your gigs or dumping outdated ones to freshen your offering is hard to measure with statistics.