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What on Earth goes on in peoples minds?

Why would anyone ever reject a request to cancel an order? I have a buyer who ordered a $50 package yesterday with a message saying “can you do something like this?” - That was it with a link to a Rimmel commercial.

I said no and requested cancellation immediately. Now I’ve just had to send my 4th cancellation request as the buyer keeps on rejecting each one even though I have stated very clearly that I can not do the kind of work this buyer is looking for.

Now what on Earth goes on in peoples minds to make them act this way? I can not do what this buyer is asking me to. I do not advertise the fact that I do. Am I somehow being unreasonable?

I hate bothering CS so haven’t yet. But really, what on earth goes on in some peoples heads these days?

Crazy. Customer Support will just wash its hands off anyway.

Some people can drive you crazy.

In this case, “because I’m worth it”.

Why not accuse them of being an Islamic terrorist and calling the FBI? I’m sure you can find a ludicrous way to link the two together.

Yes the request for something you cannot provide, coupled with the refusal to accept the cancellation request; I’m familiar with this from buyers. I don’t think anything at all goes on in the mind of someone who does this aside from the pleasure of insisting against all logic and reason on getting one’s own way.

What happens when the buyer refuses to accept the cancellation request and the seller does not want to or cannot do the work? Customer support would probably wash their hands off… what are our options when something like this happens?

I have not had CS refuse such a request to cancel. They have always been understanding.

Okay, I was just spooked by the FBI guy’s case.

I think it was the explanation he gave that had to do with religion that caused them to not want to take sides.

Because some ppl on Fiverr be Cray Cray! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm. What goes through people’s minds, you ask?

Simple answer: neurons. :smiley:

Wow, sorry that you had to go through this horrible experience…

All I can say is that some people are just plain dumb. Juuuuust dumb.
Sorry if I’m sounding mean, but it’s a fact. Some people just don’t read or think.

Another thing that I can add is that maybe, just maybe, this person did it on purpose just
to p*ss you off. I’ve had several cases in the past where I got a HUGE order, immediately followed by a message saying "Sorry, mistake order. You sympathize cancel now."
OK, if the person accidentally clicked the buy now button, I get it. But how in the world do you accidentally click on every single gig extra and also accidentally scroll down and click on the highest price? The buyer asked for a cancellation which I declined each time, replying “I will accept the cancellation as soon as you can logically/honestly explain how you accidentally placed this order.”

The seller asked for another cancellation request which I declined again, we went back and forth, and yes, I was being a stubborn b*tch because I was for some reason determined to make this buyer say “OK, I did it just to piss you off.” or at least come up with something else rather than just "sorry, was mistake."
In the end of course I accepted the cancellation because I knew it was going nowhere, and
I annoyed him/her enough. :stuck_out_tongue:
BTW this has happened to other sellers too.

So yeah, maybe this person is just trying to get on your nerves…

Ever had someone literally BEG you to do something for them after they reject your cancellation several times? Very odd experience.

Well, (I hope) this is all over now. In the end, I just asked the buyer what they hoped to achieve by rejecting each cancellation. They responded saying that:

“We need the video for our client in 24hrs!!!”

In this case, I initiated my last cancellation request one minute before the expected delivery time. Of course, I made the buyer aware that I still couldn’t do the work they wanted beforehand but since they wanted to be an ass I decided to be an ass right back.

Also, (and for any other video people) the idiot buyer I had has a profile which says he is based in the USA and is a big friendly bloke with a beard but in reality, I highly doubt this. He was a rude, obviously not a native English speaker and didn’t communicate at all like somebody with a beard. (I could just tell).

It happens to me all the time.

That has to be very annoying. Some people really can’t take no for an answer.

I just finished another series of messages to a distraught person trying to tell them I cannot accept work from everyone. They never just say ok.

I had a person masquerading as a Brighton-based PR agency.

They disappeared when I questioned their legitimacy and wondered what would happen if I emailed them. Despite Brighton’s reputation, I feel confident that they would not be calling me “dear…”

As for the 24hr rush job, slap a time tax on it. $200 at least for the trouble and inconvenience?

This person could throw $500 at me but it doesn’t change the fact that I can’t do the work. Besides, I don’t work well with rude or stupid people out of principle. It always ends messily. Get your manners together or don’t come knocking. All you get otherwise is the boot. .

But they’re not taking the offer to go away. The excessive $$$ is much more effective.