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What on Earth is Happening? - The Top Rated Buyers Need to GO

I am having the most hellish month ever on Fiverr. From the vaguest clients in the world to people ordering services which I do not provide, it’s just crazy. What is crazier, though, is the amount of abuse and threats I am getting.

For one, I am 100% sure that an order which I am working on right now is for the same buyer I have just had order from the same gig and ask me to cancel. (Obviously, they are using a different account). This is really annoying me, as I have to do the order. (Since I can’t prove it is the same buyer). Then at the same time, I am getting messages from people asking for discounts ending with the likes of:

“Nice One! Sh*t head!”

When I politely refuse or say I am unable to provide a service!

What do ALL these buyers have in common? - Why they are all ‘Top Rated buyers,’ of course.

There is just this flood of people who are just outright nasty, abusive, and manipulative/scammery to the extreme.


Maybe it stems from the kind of services you offer. Writing and SEO gigs tend to attract that kind of crowd.

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Wait, TRS are ordering from you and calling you a sh*thead when you don’t give a discount? :thinking:
Do you mind sharing the full conversation with one of them? (usernames removed of course)

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this post seems like missing a paragraph or two :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

he’s talking about “Top Rated buyer” not “Top Rated Seller”


I don’t mean TRS sellers. I mean the Top Rated Buyers who have a little gold crown by their usernames. I do have TRS’s and even had a Pro order a while back but 99% of the time, these people are A-OK.


My bad, misread it. :slight_smile:
I suppose they give those titles automatically based on how many orders they have made.

The TRB badge seems to be given to anyone.

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It sounds like you are under attack as we call it. It happens to us periodically, not the way it is happening to you, much more dangerously, but the same thing.

I’m under attack by one or more scammers. None of their time zones match their locations, many are ex-Fiverr sellers, all a Top Rated Buyers, and all are using the exact same verbiage in messages and orders.

Buyer: "We are a web marketing firm looking for a new copyrighter (notice copyrighter) please send is some samples of your past work."

Me; "Hi,

Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t give away free samples or write test articles…etc"

Buyer: "Then delete your f-ing gig."

Me delivering an order: "Hi, Please find attached your requested video. I hope this helps. Kind Regards, Andy"

Buyer: (Immediately) "Plz Cancel, this is not what I wanted." (Twice in 2-days)

New Buyer: (Orders directly) "We need copyrigting for our site. You will need to sign in to see what we want."

‘Copyriting’ tells me its the same numpty as before, as does the attempt to phish for personal info.

Needless to say, I’m canceling this order and seriously considering pausing my gigs for a while. This weekend has just been a barrage of :underage::poop:


I was told by a repeat buyer that I have a little gold TRB crown. But all I have ever ordered are 4 gigs for my varied profile and gig pictures. So you are right that it does not take much to get one.

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But why would he target you in particular? I suppose your high quality work attracts them due to envy, or just hoping for something without paying for it. Why are the ones who are trying to scam always so nasty as well.

I’m thinking it is stemming from the first buyer I had who ordered a video, asked for a full round of revisions, then asked to cancel, then got super miffed when I said no. - My assumption is that they are one of these people who are used to outsourcing to Fiverr and getting work FOC using this strategy.

The whole situation is identical to when I offered real estate gigs and someone (I’m pretty sure a competitor) kept ordering, canceling, leaving orders in limbo etc etc.

Then there is the fact that some people are just demonically possessed…


This is probably the true reason. The name calling is a trademark of it sometimes. Lashing out verbally for no reason…

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Geez I’m sorry! That sounds very annoying to go through.
Though it is rare for me, I usually don’t work again with customers who are “not happy” or “wish to cancel” their orders. I rarely finish my orders on time (I know, not good,) I would rather put my time and effort on people who are patient and need my help then someone who has already had their try and didn’t appreciate their readings or didn’t like it. If you “didn’t feel connected” to my first reading, why would you purchase it again? Sounds fishy to me.

I sound like a d*ck for writing this but it’s just how I personally run my business. But hey I’m happy and I have great reviews so I don’t think Fiverr would care.

If someone is rude or have cancelled in the past, I would honestly follow what I’ve been through. I make plenty of money still, I’m happy, and 99% of my customers seems to be pretty happy.


The only good news is that I had a client (not on Fiverr) send me 3 buckets of shea butter yesterday from their organic soap company to say thanks.

Last year I got a free load of swag from Superdry which sorted me out for my summer wardrobe. This year I have a fridge full of organic after sun!

As for the demonic possession, it would also explain why someone threw a sandwich out of their car window at me today. :frowning: I just can’t wait until October when I can take a few weeks off and start fishing and writing again.


Have you reported the buyers for inappropriate conversation at least?


I agree. This is why I turn the majority of people who message me away.

If a person says, “I need writing” or something else vague, they are clearly not invested in their business or themselves and will likely be a horror to work with.

On the other hand, if a person says, “Hi, I need this, this is my website, this is what we are hoping to achieve, could you let us know if this might be something you are interested in?” That person is clearly invested in their business and will likely be a pleasure to work with, even if something goes wrong. (i.e. I miss the mark and they need a revision etc).

Sadly, very few buyers (and people) seem to get the fact that they need to shoulder at least 50% of responsibility for any order. - This and that it is not okay to be a nasty, manipulative, scammery idiot, just because they are on the other side of the world behind a computer screen.


Yes, but only via the report button on messages. Until now, I have been buried in work. I have rejected all my cancellation requests and if the buyers from those orders reappear, I will reach out to CS when they do.

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Thanks! I’m wondering if it calculates the amount of purchases made or the amount of money spent.

It clearly doesn’t convey the right message since 5 $5 orders shouldn’t make someone a top buyer. (Opinion)

Yet when a client purchases a large order from me they don’t get the TRB badge. So… :thinking: