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What other income streams do you have other than fiverr?

Your sales can tank on fiverr in a moments notice so it’s important to have a back up…

I’m currently working on writing erotic fiction for Amazon as a back-up income stream… it’s doing okay.

I’m also hiring people on the site to make me niche tshirt designs and selling them on Etsy.

Interested to see what other peoples alternative income streams are?


I started a personal brand in the EU in 2017, it started turning a profit in 2020.

I also get paid dividends from investments in the stock market.

Hopefully by the end of the year I will start selling some digital products marketed towards freelancers, like myself.

Edit: Oh I forgot I only just recently started selling video templates and it’s a slow start but very promising.


Oh cool, I wish you all the success. Most of my expertise is in fashion and entertainment branding… So I’m thinking of starting a brand in that area too…

Yeah… Passive income is the dream for me… I heard stocks you need a very large upfront investment to get anything decent though… So I’m putting my focus on digital products like e-books and courses (teaching people copywriting, branding etc.) that people will buy again and again. It’s a hell of a lot of upfront work but once it’s done it’s done. Just requires a little maintenance through marketing etc.


Fiverr shares anyone?


Bought when it was $20.


Is it true that after a certain amount of shares your commission may lower?

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No that’s not true, not to my knowledge.

And I own a lot shares for a retail investor.


one can learn from each other, kindly share if you have any

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Prefer not to share about the plan b’s actually.


Okay, let’s see…

  • Fiverr’s competitors
  • Private clients
  • Published author under different pen names
  • Forex (barely trickling)
  • Working on a startup (Market testing)

Other than that, I also have a few social media profiles and personas in building. They are not generating any dividends but may turn profitable in future.



Among other freelance things, I’m also a fantasy and horror novelist.


I do work on upw**k as well and its running ok,
Other then that I have invested little portion of my income to stock market too !
I tried my hand in shutter stock and Line creator studio but they are not helping…I am thinking of releasing android game on play store for kids but not sure when it would happen :smiley:

Other than that I am pursuing Law and hope it will bring little more to my income :smiley:


Do you make much from fantasy / horror?

I’m starting with romance / erotic shorts to get used to the process then moving into full romance novels once I’m making an okay amount from that (some people make thousands a month from erotica alone).

Would love to write other kinds of fiction too though. Had an idea and an outline for a dystopian fiction like 1984 for a long time just never sat down and written it as I’m more focused on the money and the market these days than anything. Soulless I know haha. Long gone are the days of being a tortured artist.



Rolling in money after 7 years of regular uploading and 300 videos, finally got monetization in October 2020.


I was a private nanny before covid… spent 9 months of the last year unemployed, and now starting to work part time as a nanny again since covid is starting to get under control in my country. But for the past year, fiverr really has been my only real source of income.


Not too much! The market for romance is definitely bigger with higher earning potential. I’ve been writing fiction for a long time.


I have posted frequently that I use Fiverr as a part-time stream of income and that it brings me about 30% of my monthly freelance income.

That means I have other streams of income.

Keep in mind, I have a freelance business I run from my home so there’s a website, social media feeds and many other ways I pick up business.

Breaking them down:

  1. Fiverr (since 2016).

I have used another freelance platform, and eventually came over to Fiverr as it is just easier to use.

  1. Various Contracts

I have had (since 2014) steady freelance work I have collected from contractual agreements with more than one freelance agency. I currently have two in place with one of them generating over 50% of my monthly business.

  1. Assorted Other Clients

I have a couple of dozen semi-regular clients whom I have worked with outside of Fiverr since long before I joined Fiverr. These are clients I picked up as part of my freelance home-based business that I established in 2014.

  1. Ebook Sales

I also have a number of self-published eBooks. While sales are slow, they do still generate about 1% of my monthly income.

I hope this helps.


I… I do… .shhh … What? I won’t tell you xd :shushing_face:

  • Stock market investments (portfolio is up 103% since May 2020)
  • Started my own independent Hip-Hop news site (January 2021)
  • I also been writing for other Hip-Hop related sites (since 2019)
  • Plus I’m employed full-time as a concierge (since 2012)