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What part of the day do I get paid?



OK…so it’s been 14 days and a bunch of completed gigs are listed as “clearing” today. So what time will that be today? I don’t mean to complain, but it’s annoying enough that I have to wait 14 days, but on top of that now I have to wait until the very end of the day?

If this was a smooth system, that money would’ve been available at 12:01am last night.



It just says “Available for withdrawal at May 08” so I guess I figured that would be today…

Hopefully it’s tomorrow, but then tomorrow I have another bunch of gigs coming up for withdrawal…so hopefully I don’t have to wait long for those either.



Still not cleared. All gigs that said they would be available for withdrawal yesterday are still listed as “clearing”.

Not cool at all :frowning: